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You can save $40-125 per month by notifying your lender that you now have sufficient value in your home to cancel their Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) policy.

Dear Homeowner:

We are a California State-licensed Real Estate Appraisal firm. Preliminary research by our company indicates that homes in your subdivision have sufficient value for you to cancel your lender's PMI policy and save $40-125 per month off your mortgage payment depending on your loan balance.

Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) is included in your monthly payment and is something you were required to purchase if you bought your home with less than 20% down. It is an insurance policy for the Lender, not for you. You receive no benefits from PMI, it is added insurance for the lender in case you default on your loan. You are entitled by law to have it removed if your home value rises to the point that your loan balance is less than 80% of the home's current value. 

There are only three steps to have your PMI removed:

1.  Request from your lender their PMI removal guidelines (all are slightly different but all require at least a year of timely payments, there are sometimes very small review fees, most do not charge fees). A sample request form is available. Get their address from your monthly statement "Correspondence Address" (usually different from payment address).  We highly recommend you use certified mail.  Request Form*

2.  The Lender will require you to have your home appraised to its current market value by a State-licensed Appraiser at your expense.

3.  Submit the Appraisal and the Lender's completed forms to the Lender via certified mail.

For a very limited time, our firm is offering a full home appraisal that we guarantee to be acceptable to your lender for a fee of $250! That is $100 off the typical fee for such an appraisal!

Your appraisal will be the same type of appraisal that we prepare for lenders granting home loans and is guaranteed to be acceptable. We have performed thousands of such appraisals and none have ever been rejected, if our appraisal does not suffice to remove your PMI based upon unacceptability, we will issue you a full refund!

We expect a tremendous response to this limited offer so get a jump on the process by ordering your appraisal now. Call 530-671-9340. We also accept fax orders and e-mail orders.

Contact us while its on your mind, you'll be glad you did!

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